Frameworkless JavaScript Part 3: One-Way Data Binding

This article is one in a series about writing client-focused JavaScript without the help of libraries and frameworks. It's meant to help developers remember that they can write good code on their own using nothing but native APIs and methods. For more, check out the original article on writing small… Read more »

Building a shrimp tank

This past summer I managed to fit in a TON of fun experiments. One of them was a butterfly kit. I accidentally kept the hatched butterflies for a little bit too long and one day I suddenly had a cage full of hundreds of butterfly eggs. I couldn't possibly take… Read more »

Calendar Tetris is an antipattern

It's time that we took back our work day from our calendars and Calendar Tetris is the first thing that has got to go. Calendars are a tool and like every tool they should be used appropriately. What is "Calendar Tetris"? Does your calendar look like a Jackson Pollack painting?… Read more »

When to pair program

This post is another one brought to you by the good people at InRhythm. If you're an engineer that likes writing and building strong, happy culture focused on learning and growth you should apply! I like working with smart, passionate people :). Lots of companies embrace pair programming as a way… Read more »