Supporting smaller audiences for maximum profit

or "How I learned to stop worrying and love all browsers the same as long as they came out kinda recently" Time and time again I've seen companies ignore smaller audiences that use their product because those audiences are not the main/target/primary audience. At a recent job they… Read more »

Developing small JavaScript components WITHOUT frameworks

You too can write vanilla JavaScript! A mistake that a lot of developers make when they first approach a problem (me included!) is to start thinking about the problem from the top down. They start thinking of the problem at hand in terms of frameworks and plugins and pre-processors and… Read more »

Clarity Conf Day 2 Notes

Here's my notes from day 2 of Clarity Conf. Again, apologies to the speakers whom I'm certain I misquoted and probably misrepresented. These are very incomplete. Please send me a message or say 'hi' in person with any changes. Jina Anne <- get invited to the… Read more »

Clarity Conf Day 1 Notes

Here are my notes from day 1 of Clarity Conf. Apologies in advance to the speakers whom I am certain I misquoted and misrepresented. Also if I missed things. Also for having some personal stuff just in the middle of there. Also because there's probably like 90 typos. I may… Read more »

Over-delegating JavaScript events

Delegating event listeners in JavaScript is generally a good practice. It allows us to create only one event listener for events that might be triggered on a variety of nodes and across multiple contexts. If we're just looking to listen for any given click on a page it would be… Read more »