Developing small JavaScript components WITHOUT frameworks

You too can write vanilla JavaScript! A mistake that a lot of developers make when they first approach a problem (me included!) is to start thinking about the problem from the top down. They start thinking of the problem at hand in terms of frameworks and plugins and pre-processors and… Read more »

Clarity Conf Day 2 Notes

Here's my notes from day 2 of Clarity Conf. Again, apologies to the speakers whom I'm certain I misquoted and probably misrepresented. These are very incomplete. Please send me a message or say 'hi' in person with any changes. Jina Anne <- get invited to the… Read more »

Clarity Conf Day 1 Notes

Here are my notes from day 1 of Clarity Conf. Apologies in advance to the speakers whom I am certain I misquoted and misrepresented. Also if I missed things. Also for having some personal stuff just in the middle of there. Also because there's probably like 90 typos. I may… Read more »

Over-delegating JavaScript events

Delegating event listeners in JavaScript is generally a good practice. It allows us to create only one event listener for events that might be triggered on a variety of nodes and across multiple contexts. If we're just looking to listen for any given click on a page it would be… Read more »

Multiline strings in ES6 JavaScript

The new kid in town is called Template Strings. Template Strings are demarked by a backtick(`) on either end and can contain other backticks if they are escaped by a backslash(ie. let my_string = `some cool \`escaped\` thing`). This new kind of primitive in JavaScript is different from… Read more »