How to inject content with stylesheets dynamically

Injecting arbitrary content with stylesheets In many cases, we want to inject content onto a webpage when we don't necessarily know what that content will be. Most implementations of patterns like infinite-scroll will do something like make a request for the next page, grab the body content and append it… Read more »

Speed up your website load time by not waiting for document.ready

A common pattern among web developers is to wrap code in a document.ready callback and more specifically, because of the popularity of jQuery, most developers wrap their code with the $(document).ready(function() { /* my code... */ }); wrapper or more concisely $(function() { /* my code... */ });. I think that because of the prevalence… Read more »

Using RuboCop - Talk Slides

I recently did an internal lightning talk on using RuboCop as a quick and simple way to enforce consistent code style and automatically correct errors. I really can't emphasize how easy it is to set up and even gives you an automatic tool to generate a config file that's as… Read more »

Increase User Engagement with Polls and Surveys

Keeping users engaged with you and your brand is crucial to increasing your site traffic and by proxy your revenues. You need people to visit the site and trust you to make a profit off of them, right? You can see examples of this in how so many sites today… Read more »

ES6 `const` not immutable

There's a curious case in the ES6 specification of JavaScript where variables declared with const are mutable. If a variable is declared as a primitive like the following, const foo = 123, it is immutable but if a variable is declared as an object(const bar = {}) it is mutable. This happens… Read more »